Thursday April 5th, 2012

Dynamic Warmup

Mobility WOD:

Sumo your Groin

Hip Flexor Flossing


Back Squat

Hi/Low Bar Technique

Work to 1RM



WOD: 15m Dbl Under Poker

Clock is set for 15mins. You will bet Dbl Under Reps. If you reach

your bet then you add that score to your tally and that goes toward your total

Cash Out. If you miss your bet there is a 100m Row Penalty every time you miss

your bet. Score is for total reps. You will only count the reps that are wagered and won.

Ex) Clock Starts. You bet 30 reps. You only get 29….NONE of those reps count. You go

Row 100m. You come back and bet 25 reps. You get 25 reps. Those reps count towards

your total score. You DO NOT Row. You proceed to place another wager.

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