Sister Box Swap tonight at 630PM

securedownloadTonight is a Special Event Sister Box Swap with SECF

We are asking that each Athlete that comes to Participate bring a $5 Donation that will be used to help Women and Children in Ethiopia. CFSF Athlete Andy Lyons is making a trip there with Ordinary Hero in just a few weeks and will be meeting real needs. For example in this picture you see a woman who every day gets up and cuts Eucalyptus to then carry 20 miles down Entoto Mountain in Addis Abba. When she reaches the bottom she will receive $2 for the bundle…a bundle that varies in weight from 150 to 200lbs. Most of these women do not have shoes, they are thought to be outcasts and are often raped or abused on the mountain. Ordinary Hero goes to Mountain to wash the women’s feet and pass out socks and sneakers, they are often able to  load up the Eucalyptus on a van and drive down the women down the mountain to sell the branches so that she may buy food for herself and her children. Another thing that Ordinary Hero can do when enough money has been fundraised is that they are able to provide donkeys to women so they may instead carry the load on a donkeys back instead of their own. This is only one small way of many that Ordinary Hero is helping in Ethiopia Africa. Please consider coming tonight to be apart of this Event and to Lessen the Burden.  

* All Athletes will be meeting at CFSF and please try to come early if you can! Event is Open to the Public therefore Anyone can come and Participate!





Partner WOD  

“Carry the Load”

20 Cleans (135/95)

Carry the Load to SECF (135/95)

20 S2O (135/95)

Carry the Load to CFSF (135/95)

20 SDHP (135/95)

Carry the Load to SECF (135/95)

20 Thrusters (135/95)

Carry the Load to CFSF (135/95)

20 BB Complex (135/95)* See Below for Specific Details


*Only one Partner working at a Time. Only one person can Carry the Load at a Time. Partners should Split Workload as Evenly as Possible. 

* Non CrossFitters will substitute all Barbell Movements for Body Weight Movements. Pushups/Situps/Squats/Pullups/Burpees but can still Carry the Load

* For the 1 Rep of the BB Complex you will Complete: 1 Chest to BB Pushup, 1 DL, 1 Hang Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Over the BB Burpee

*Advanced Athletes should consider Carrying the Yoke instead of a Barbell for the Carry the Load Portion of the WOD


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