“Sister Box Swap” Saturday

1421608_10151965373519070_1148047620_nWe are Hosting our First “Sister Box Swap” WOD this Saturday Nov 16th at 9am! Doors will be Open at 830am.

What is a “Sister Box Swap”??

SECF and CFSF will be Joining together to WOD together once a month. When SECF and CFSF decided to expand the CF Community in Clarksville we had always envisioned the two boxes being able to WOD together and Staying Connected despite our seperate locations. Despite the fact that we are two seperate locations we are essentially the same Box. We are merely an extension of one another; driven by the same Passion; with similiar Values, Morals, and Goals. At the end of the day we want to impact lives and empower our Community through Health, Fitness and Quality of Life. Recently there have been questions and confusion about how and why the two boxes split apart to begin with…Naturally people have assumed there must have been some sort of falling out or that one box is somehow better than the other…But that could NOT be any further from the Truth! We want to SMASH those ideas once and for all! We are not two boxes torn apart by our differences or selfish ambition. We are two boxes United together through our Faith that The Lord would Provide. What The Lord has brought together, No man shall tear apart. Be sure to Come this Saturday!! We are super excited to be hosting the first of many to come “Sister Box Swap” Saturday WOD’s!

How does “Sister Box Swap” Saturday Work??

Every Month we will decide on a date and you will be notified through the SECF FB Page and Website as well as the CFSF FB Page and Website of what the Date and Time will be. It will only be One Saturday a Month. Each month we will alternate who will be hosting the WOD. For the Month of November ALL Athletes, both SECF and CFSF, will be meeting at CFSF for a 9am WOD. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU ARE NOT LATE!!!! Doors at CFSF will be open at 830am. All SECF Athletes that have never filled out a Waiver at CFSF must come early to fill out a Waiver please. The WOD is scheduled to start at 9am Sharp and will be Finished no later than 1015am. The WOD will be posted to both SECF and CFSF FB Pages and Websites. Child Watch will be offered at both Boxes. If you are a SECF Athlete with a child you will still take your child to SECF, and all CFSF Athletes with children will leave their children at CFSF. Progressions Classes at CFSF will also meet at CFSF for a 9am WOD. All levels are Welcome and Encouraged to Participate!! “Sister Box Swap” is not a Competition or Special Event…its just a Fun WOD with New Friends!!

What other Classes does CFSF offer on “Sister Box Swap” WOD Saturdays??

We will still offer our 830am CFE Class, our 1030am CF Core Class, as well as our Free 1130am Community WOD.

When is the “Sister Box Swap” WOD?

It’s this Saturday November 16th at 9am!!!! Next month in December SECF will be hosting both boxes so you will need to keep an eye out for that information next month. But for November ALL SECF and CFSF Athletes will report to CFSF no later than 850am on Nov 16th!! There will NOT be a 9am WOD at SECF for only SECF Athletes…so if you show up over there, there won’t be anyone there!!

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