CrossFit Babies!!!!

If any women are the defination of CrossFit…its these ladies….both of them WODing all the way up til time of delivery! Within a week’s time we have welcomed 2 new (adorable) members into the CFSF Family! We will have these little one’s kipping and climbing ropes before you know it! Jamie has been CF’ing at CFSF for over 2 years and has been with us since the beginning. She is an amazing athlete…with a mean Split Jerk and can Squat like no one I have ever seen! Krissy has been with us for about a year or so….no one can tell this chick to slow down. Kipping Pullups, Thrusters, Dbl Unders….you name it…pregnancy didnt change her “Finish Strong” mentality! Both of these women came in everyday and gave all they had on any given day. What an inspiration they have been to us! Love these girls and cant wait to meet these precious babies!


Baby Abigail

Born Oct 19th

5lbs 1 oz


Proud Parents Krissy and Chris Clark





Baby Hudson

Born Oct 26th

6lbs, 10 oz


Proud Parents: Jamie and Michael Keenan

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