Athlete of the Month: Brooke McDaniel

711601_10151352646784070_1053100793_nI grew up in East Tennessee in a town called Rogersville. There is no denying I am from the South because I have the awesome accent to prove it. I was raised by my grandparents and grew up on a cattle farm. Growing up I was never athletic. I was sick all the time. I suffered from  asthma and allergies.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at East Tennessee State University December 2006. I became a Trooper for the Virginia State Police in 2007.

I married my wonderful husband Jacob in May 2007. He has been a great blessing to me. He has pushed me to do so much more than I thought I could do. We were stationed in Alaska for 3 years. That was an adventure for sure. We have two boys Kane (3) and Eli (1).

I started Crossfit in January of 2012. We were stationed at Fort Leonard Wood at the time. They just opened a box called Dropping Plates Crossfit. I was immediately addicted. Just like everyone else, I had gone to globo gyms and did not get the results I wanted. Crossfit made me feel confident and strong. Starting out I could not even snatch 65lbs and I did pull ups on the biggest band there was. We moved to Clarksville, Tn July 2012 and I started going to Crossfit Solafide. It was a little intimidating at first because there were so many awesome athletes there. I have grown so much at this box as a person. I have gotten stronger physically and spiritually as well. I have made lifelong friendships. Crossfit Solafide is a great box with awesome coaches that have encouraged me to strive for more than I ever would have on my own.

I set my mind to an 8 week Nutrition Challenge on January 1st   and I am half way through. So far I  have lost 2 inches on my waist and 2 inches on my hips and 8lbs on the scale. Most importantly I just feel better!  Even though I am horrible at running, I am signed up to do my first half marathon March 9th   with the CFE group at SolaFide. Today while running 5 miles I had all kinds of emotions: pain, tiredness, and excitement! Even though I grew up with asthma and I am bad at running… I am still doing it. There are probably a hundred reasons that I could just quit…but I will never quit because I am determined and I know that the power of accomplishment is going to be an awesome feeling.

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