Founder & Personal Trainer
  • What year did you start CrossFit?
  • Why did you get into CrossFit?
    I was looking for a training method that was more cardio and endurance based in order to help push my military PT score to a 300. I needed something quick that would pair well with a traditional strength building program. Once I tried it, I was hooked and everything took off from there. Don’t even get me started on competitions!
  • Why did you become a trainer?
    I’ve always enjoyed bringing out the best in people. I take more pride in an athlete’s success story than I do from my own triumphs. I want to help people live an overall healthier lifestyle so they can share it with their family and friends. I believe in a holistic approach to health and, as a veteran, I’ve seen too many individuals rely on medication, when so many ailments can be corrected with a lifestyle change.
  • What’s your favorite movement in CrossFit?
    I’ve really come to love any gymnastics movement; pullups, muscle-ups, handstand walks, etc. I’ve caught the itch to want to try Ninja Warrior!
  • What is your favorite cheat food?
    Anything with donuts!!!!
  • What’s your favorite Superhero and why?
    Green Arrow. He’s not endowed with any magical powers, but can still kick plenty of ass. Plus the bow and arrow deal is pretty cool. I dig the vigilante Robin Hood style about him.

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