Anything in this pile belong to you??

This was all in our Lost and Found bin yesterday and whatever hasnt been claimed by Friday is going to the Goodwill.


Run 400m

25 Dbl Unders (100 Singles)

Backward Run 200m

25 Dbl Unders (100 Singles)

Run 400m

MOB Warmup


Shoulder Press



9 Donkey Kicks

6 Push Press to Behind the Neck Push Press (85/55)

9 Lateral Bar Jumps

LV1: Situps/(35/15)/Air Squats

LV2: Hollow Rocks/(55/35)/Parallette Hops

LV3: (75/45)

LV4: Rx’d

***Clean Bar and then Drive into 1 Push Press. Rack on Back. Drive into 1 Behind the Neck Push Press= 1 Rep. You do not have to clean the barbell from the ground every rep. Lateral Bar Jump is 1, 1. 2,2. Etc. You must clear the barbell twice per 1 rep.

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