CFE: 830AM


“Peterson’s Ghost”


CF: 930AM


“Field of Pain”

Team of 4. Split the Workload Evenly and As Needed to Accomodate Skills and Abilities of Every Athlete on your Team. Work can we done in any order that you want to do it. All 4 Athletes must be working on the same Movement and may not continue to the next Movement until that Movement is Completed. Take 5M at the Beginning of Class to Strategize. You may want to wear Long Socks and Gloves for Portions of this WOD. You will have 40M to Complete the Workload.

40- 50m Field Atlas Stones Carry (145/95) Each Athlete is Responsible for 10 Atlas Stone Clean and Carries. You must Clean the Stone at the Beginning of Every 50m Carry.  You may work on Stoning at the Same Time as other Athletes on your Team or Rest as Needed.

40 Field Tire Flips (HEAVY) Done Together as a Team or 10 per Athlete

100m Field Bear Crawl (All Athletes do Together)

400m Front Rack Lunge (135/95) Each Athlete Carries Load for 100M

800m Log Carry

100m Field Burpee Broad Jump (All Athletes do Together)

16 Rope Climbs (4 per Athlete)

100 Backward Jumpropes (25 per Athlete)

4- 200M Sprints. Each Person Does 4-200M Sprints. Only One Person can Sprint at a Time. You must Cycle through Athletes until each Athlete has completed all 4 of the Sprints.


CFC: 1030AM

CrossFit Core Class with Coach April

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