CFE @ 830am




CF and CF Progressions @ 930am

Progressions will now be meeting at 930am to accommodate the 1030 Core and Competition Team


Team WOD: Working in Teams of 4 You will Complete the Following Workload Together. You may Complete Workload in Any Way you Wish and Split Workload any way you wish; however; All athletes must share workload on Every Movement. You may not Sprint the 400M any where in the WOD besides Last. You Must have a Mininum of 2 Athletes working at a Time, but no more than 2 at a time,  and all Athletes Must be working on the Same Movement at the same time. For Example; You may not have 2 Athletes working on Snatch and 2 working on Pullups. All Athletes must be on Snatch at the Same Time. You may have 2 Athletes working on Snatch and 2 Resting. Then they switch out and the other 2 work while the first 2 rest. If 1 Athlete drops off the Log all Athletes must stop and wait until the Athlete can get back on the Log to move forward. All Athletes must Clean the Log Together.

1600M Worm Carry ( All 4 Athletes Must remain on Log at ALL Times)

200 DB or KB Snatch (53/35)

100 Pullups

200 Pushups

300 Air Squats

200 Russian KB Swings (53/35)

100 T2B

200 Abmat Situps

400M Sprint ( You Must Finish with this Sprint)


CF Core @ 1030am


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