1600m Run

21 KBS/Goblet Squats

800m Run

15 KBS/Goblet Squats

1600m Run

9 KBS/9 Goblet Squats





A. Thruster Ladder

3 Reps EMOM for 15 

*Increasing Load Every 3M 

1st Set 105/75

2nd Set 135/95

3rd Set 155/115

4th Set 175/125

5th Set 185/135


B. 7 Rounds:

14 Wallballs (20/14)

7 Plyo Pushup to Plate (45/25)

100m Straight Away Sled Sprint (No Plates)

*Athletes will set Sleds up at 100m Mark and Sprint to 200m then Back to 100m Mark and Run back inside to Wallball Station. Each Athlete will need 1 Plate for Pushups. Hands start outside of Plate. 


C. $$ Cash Out $$

50 GHD Med Ball Partner Pass (12/8)

50 Banded Good Mornings

Foam Roll



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