april 16Don’t Forget All Classes Are Cancelled For Our Introductory Meet!

All are welcome to come lift and enjoy a day of heavy lifting.

A Note From Christian Thompson (SolaFide Barbell President)

Due to projected participation ladies show time is 0800
0900 – introductions and 10 min clock
0910- 1st lifter
1100show time for male lifters
1200 – introduction and 10 min clock
1210 – 1st male lifter
Show time is your time to to declare weight, fill in cards, declare openers, begin to mobilize, and ask questions.
Now it will be discussed but generally in a sanctioned meet you weigh in 2 hrs prior to your session starting, we are not doing that because we are not going to weigh everyone in, we are going to take you at your word and you will tell us your body weight. I will discuss this more in detail on Saturday.
I would ask that you have a general idea of weights you will open at, start with. This needs to be in Kilograms. We will be using certified Barbells and kilogram plates. I will have rough conversion tables and a general outline of how you should warm up for your use, I will talk attempts, and counting attempts at the introduction of each session as well as discuss some general rules for weightlifting and some etiquette things. I know this is most peoples first experience with a meet and many are lifting in the sanctioned meet down in Nashville on May 1st. Please come with questions, myself, Nicole Geraths (SFBB CLUB COACH) and the Athletes of SFBB who have experience are excited and more than happy to answer any questions. I look forward to meeting those from fellow Clarksville box’s and clubs and can not wait for Saturday morning, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Have a blessed day!

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