6 by 400M. 45s Rest.


CF:  We are entering another Strength Cylce and Tuesday/Thursday are going to be our Strength Conditioning Based Classes for the Next 12 Weeks. We will still have Strength on MWF as Part of WOD but Tues/Thurs will be Specific to Increasing your Strength.


Strength: Awesome Article on Power Clean. Check it Out!

Power Clean 8 by 3

Back Squat 8 by 3

Bench Press 8 by 3

Optional Midline: 3 Rounds

3-8 Strict Pullups

15 GHD

15 Hip Ext

* If Strict Pullups are Easy for you…Do them Weighted and/or CTB. If Strict Pullups are difficult or impossible for you then use the appropriate band needed to get a full lock out at bottom and chin all the way over bar. NO KIP.



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