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CF: New Cycle Starts this Week! This Week is Standards Week where we will measure your Current Level of Fitness. We will remeasure again after 12 Weeks. It is very important that if you plan to get the most out of this program that you commit to setting and tracking the standards that we will make this week. We highly encourage you to try to make every WOD Mon-Sat and Rest on Sunday this week. Incorporate extra MOB at the box and at Home. We are willing to allow anyone who is interested in following our 12 Week Program to come and WOD for Free this Week. Even if you only pay for 3 days a week…for this week only we will allow you to come all 6 days and pay no additional fee. Please Record and Save all Personal Scores Mon – Sat so we can track and test/retest. Thanks! 



Time Trials: 

* You will have 5M to Complete each Movement. If you are Unable to Complete the Movement in the Allotted time you will Score Total Reps Completed in the 5M. Movements can be Completed in any order you like and it is recommended that you Rest a min of 2M between Movements. 

400m Run (For Time)

100 Pushups (CTF-Hands do NOT have to Release but Chest must visibly touch the Floor)

100 Air Squats (Bottom below Parallel. Hip Crease Open at Top)

100 Pull-ups (Arms Fully Extended at Bottom, Chin over Bar)

100 Situps (Arms Extend overhead, Reach Pass Toes)

500m Row (For Time)


*** DO NOT RIP YOUR HANDS!!!! We have a lot of work this week…DO NOT RIP YOUR HANDS!!! If you Rip your Hands there will be Penalty Burpees!!!! The Standard for each movement is found in parentheses… a pull-up is a pull-up is a pull-up and the same standard will be set for each Athlete or it will be considered a NO REP. Don’t cheat yourself!



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