Partner WOD: “Cupid’s Shuttle”

4 RFT:

30-40-50m Shuttle Run

20 Burpees

800m Weighted Run


CFCore: 830am


CF: 930/1030am


Coaches Choice WU

WOD: “Cupid Stupid”

Partner WOD: On a Continuous Clock Partners Work together through “The Fight” and then go Immediately into “The Make Up” there is NO REST between the two WODs.

The Fight

Working Individually and Taking Turns on the Movements. Partners Must Share Equipment. Only one Person working at a Time. Partners may Split Workload however they choose; However; Movements must be done in the Following Order.

50 Honey Boo Boo Hang Cleans (135/85)

50 Sappy SDHP (2P/1.5P)

50 Gone Loco Goblet Squats (2P/1.5P)

50 Red Hot Russian KB Swings (2P/1.5P)

100 Doghouse Dbl Unders

100 Last Chance BW Jumping Lunges (1 Leg = 1 Rep)

100 Sorry Situps


The Make Up

2 Roses are Red Rope Climbs (Each Partner Completes 1 Rope Climb)

14 Cute and Cuddly Bear Complex (135/85) (Each Partner Completes 7 Reps)

2014m Romantic Getaway Row/Run (Partners Share a Rower to Complete 1007m Each or Run the Entire 2014m Together)

*A Bear Complex is 1 DL, 1 Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press, 1 Back Squat, 1 Push Press = 1 Rep


CFCommunity FREE WOD: 1130am

All are Welcome!!! No Experience or On Ramp Required!!


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