tydToday’s Class Times: Friday: 11.29.13

All Classes are Cancelled Except For:


There is NO Preschool, NO Open Gym, and NO Yoga today!

All Classes are CoEd today and All Classed have Child Watch.





Post Turkey Beat Down:


12 Front Rack Lunge (95/65)

6 Push Press (95/65)

12 Over the Barbell Jumping Air Squats

* Rest 2 Mins. Then Complete:


B. 3 Rounds: 12M CAP

400m Run

12 Russian KB Swings (2P/1.5P)

6 Wallballs (20/14)

3 Pullups (LV3-LV4 Only)

* Rest 2 Mins. Then Complete:


C.  Tabatas: 8 Rounds: 20 On, 10 Off. 30s Rest between Movements 

Hang Power Clean (95/65)

Lying T2B (95/65)

100m Sprint (Goal is to have 100m in Less than 20s and Rest Remaining of Time Plus 10s) 

***Progressions, LV1, and LV2 are Not Reccomended to Continue on to Portion C of the WOD. Instead; please Cool Down with a 800m Row , Foam Roll and MOB. Coaches please ensure 100% Compliance. Also for 100M Sprints put Athletes on a Straight Away so they dont have to Turn Around at 50M.


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