KKkLLgm0wv_8M807dB_W3ziaJ48gCvAZbfUQrAHOlEsWe are a Week out from our 4th Annual Seasons Beatings Event! This weekend will be your last opportunity to Register to Compete at this Event!! 



6 RFT:

800m Run w/Squat

15 Burpees



B. Back Squat 

8 by 3 @ 80%


C. Partner WOD: Score Time

Partner 1 will Front Rack Lunge to Rig (105/75) then;

Partner 1 will Complete 10 Pull-ups then;

Partner 1 will Front Rack Lunge back to Muscle Ups Rings then;

Partner 1 will Complete 5 Snatch (105/75)

Row 6K.

Partners will Alt on the Rower. Once Parter 1 has Completed all of their workload they will get on the Rower and continue where Partner 2 left off. Partner 2 will then proceed to complete the same workload. Goal is to complete the 6K Row as quickly as possible. One person is on Rower at all times. 



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