What?? Hey …this is a VERY informative picture…

It doesnt hurt to just take a look and see how you stack up?? LOL.

Seriously though?? Whats for breakfast??

Dynamic Warmup

Bean Bag Shuttle Run: 10 Bags-20Ft Shuttle to Hole

MOB: Overhead/Back Ext/Elbow/Wrist

MOD: Review Movement Pattern

WOD: “21”

Push Press (75/55)

Abmat Situps

20 PP, 1 SU; 19 PP, 2 SU; 18 PP, 3 SU…..1 PP, 20 SU

LV1: (35/15)

LV2: (45/25)

Lv3: (65/45)

LV4: Rx’d

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