300m Run/Row

20 DU

10 WB

5 Pushups



MOB: Lower Body


A. GWOD: Flexibility

25 Shoulder Passes

2M Thoracic Spine MWOD

15 Bridge Ups

Hold 1M Bridge


B. 2M Wallball

50 Wallballs (20/14). Rest 1M.

50 Wallballs(20/14). Rest 1M.

50 Wallballs(20/14). Rest 4M.

*You have 2M to Complete 50 Wallballs. If you do NOT complete 50 Reps in 2M then you will Score Total Wallballs Actually Completed in Time Allotted. Each Athlete will Rest 1M Between Rounds and then the Clock will be set for 2M to restart the next Round of Wallballs.


C. 21-15-9

Back Squat (135/85)

Barbell Row (135/85)

Box Jumps (24/20)


D. $$ Optional $$

For Time:

400m Run

25 GHD

25 Hip Ext

400m Run

250m Row



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