I have heard talk around the box about the New Year…New Goals…New Focus. Well….The CF Open is 2 Months away….The Open is an Opportunity for every CF’er no matter your level to get involved in the CF Community….The Community that is bigger than just us. It is an opportunity to participate on a larger scale of what you are already doing everyday at the box. The energy around Open time is like no other…Looking forward to seeing so many of you AMAZE YOURSELVES!

There will be NO CFE today. No 530am Class. No 11am Class. All Classes today are CoEd. Todays Class times: 730am/9am/10am/630pm.



Dynamic WU:

5M Hoover Ball

5M Air Squat Dodgeball

WOD: “2013”

400M Run

500M Row

100 Pushups

100 Pullups

13 Ground to Overhead (165/115)

500M Row

400M Run

LV1: 40 Knee Pushups/40 Low Bar Pullups/(55/35)

LV2: 50 Knee Pushups/50 Med Resist Band Pullups/(85/65)

LV3: 75 CTF Pushups/75 Light Resist Band Pullups/(115/85)

LV4: Rx’d

2013 Reps for Time. Partition Movements as Desired. No Box Jumps Pullups allowed for any Levels. Work strict strength. Butterfly or Kip are allowed for LV4. Ground to Overhead can be any Snatch or Clean and Jerk with BB coming from Ground to Overhead for Every Rep.

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