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CrossFit SolaFide started in our garage in 2009 out of a vision we had to see people achieve their goals and better their lives. True to our namesake, we stepped out in pure faith that what we started would flourish and indeed it did. We went from a two car garage with a single rower, a homemade pull-up rig, a couple of bars and a handful of plates to the custom-built facility and the top of the line equipment we have today! It’s been a true labor of love, but one that could only succeed because of the amazing community that has evolved and grown at SolaFide.

Several years later we are living out that original dream and amazed by the lives that have been transformed and the bonds that have been forged through CrossFit. We’ve become an extended family. More than a gym or a CrossFit Box, SolaFide is a home away from home where everyone knows your name and the loudest cheers are for the last ones to finish.

We are also the longest operating Crossfit Affiliate in Clarksville. Several of the other local CrossFit Affiliate and Gym owners started as Coaches at SolaFide and many others have gone on to manage and open affiliates around the world. It has been a privilege to support them and be a part of their journey. We’ve hosted Rich Froning, Mike Burgener, Valerie Hunt, Lindy Barber, Harvey Newton, and a host of other CF Games Competitors and notable coaches, and we also regularly host competitions, boot camps, nutrition clinics, certification courses and specialty events.

We founded SolaFide on the premise that CrossFit and Elite Fitness are for Everyone, not just the Elite, and should therefore be Affordable for Everyone. We have the most affordable prices you’ll find for a CrossFit Box. We also offer more class options and programs than any other facility in town. Our coaches are fully accredited, certified and trained to help you meet and exceed your goals!

We have folks from all walks of life, whether you’re looking to take back your health or you’re an athlete looking to compete at the next level, we have a place for everyone. In addition to our regular CrossFit classes we’ve created a thriving CrossFit Endurance community, dedicated Women-only classes, focused Olympic Weightlifting classes, a methodical Progressions program, a Competitors Prep program, and the largest selection of CrossFit Kids programs in the region.

Our passion is to see people succeed at life, and we’ve seen over the years that families and couples that WOD together get stronger together. In addition to our range of CrossFit Kids programs we also offer Child Watch options that include a climate controlled playroom, outdoor playground, basketball hoop, and dedicated supervision. It’s all part of what makes SolaFide so special.

At CrossFit SolaFide no matter your age, your sport, your background, your abilities, your goals, your weight…CrossFit is for You! We run, jump, climb, push, pull, lift, press, squat, carry, throw, and catch. We utilize our entire body; not isolating a certain muscle group. Every workout involves compound, multi-joint exercises. From the explosive strength and power benefits of olympic and powerlifting to the balance/coordination/agility skills of gymnastics.

As a CrossFit affiliate, we abide by CrossFit methods, principles and concepts via constantly varied, functional movements and performing them at high intensity. We utilize proven training methods which are measurable, observable and repeatable by recording data and improving overall fitness & wellness.

Group training offers a high level of personal attention with the addition of positive peer influence. Natural camaraderie, competition and fun of sport yield competition and intensity that is unparalleled. You are motivated to push harder in a group dynamic. Private and semi-private training are available upon request.

We promote maintaining a healthy lifestyle year round and we are prepared and willing to educate you the best we can. We offer personalized meal plans and grocery shopping lists to help you and your family achieve a healthy lifestyle. We don’t believe in fad diets, yoyo diets, or anything that remotely looks like a trend. You will never out-train a bad diet. You can’t train hard enough, fast enough to justify poor quality nutrition. Your body needs to run like a well oiled engine…you put junk in…and junk is what it will produce. We acknowledge that lifestyle changes do not happen overnight and we approach the task of making these changes in practical ways and with individual based methods. We have seen remarkable results and you can too. So come check out one of our Free Community WODs and see what we’re all about.

We hope that you will consider joining our CrossFit family!

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