Wednesday Nov 9th, 2011

WarmUp: 3 Rds. 5- 1 min Stations.

Row, Mtn Climb, Ring Rows, Ladder Sprints, Parallette Jumps

MOD: Wallballs : Wall ball Glycolytic Experience: High energy + Low air supply and High Work Output = High Fatigue!

CrossFit defination: The Wall Ball drill is a CrossFit original. The movement begins with the athlete standing about three feet in front of the target baseline from a full squat with a 20-pound Dynamax Medicine Ball held just above the head and the elbows in close. The move is initiated with a powerful squat followed immediately by a press/throw. The target should center at about ten feet above ground level. With a little flick of the hands and wrist the ball will follow an arc that allows it to rebound off of the target and come right back to your extended arms from where you can recoil gracefully back to the squat. This drill employs a lot of muscle, several critical functions, considerable power and coordination all at crushing heart rates. That’s right. The wall ball shot, strictly speaking, doesn’t end until you return to a full squat.

In our gym, how do you perform a wall ball shot that “counts” in your workouts?

  • Start the rep standing up and holding the ball
  • Squat to full depth squat (bottom below parallel)
  • Ball is thrown (thrust up) and touches the wall above the tape. Top line is 10ft target.
  • Ball falls as you catch in rack and land into full depth squat. Repeat.

WOD: “21”

1,20. 2, 19. 3, 18……20, 1.

KB (50/35)

WallBalls (20/16)

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