Wednesday 7.25.12

10m Warmup:

1m Burpees

1m Dbl Unders

MOB Warmup


Handstand Pushup

Handstand Walk


WOD: Push Jerk and Sprints

3-3-3 (Warmup Wgt)


100m Sprint after Each Set. Work to 1RM.

LV1: Knee Burpees/Reg Jump Rope. MOD: Progression on Band and Box. WOD: 10RD: 10Reps: Light Load Increasing with Proper Tech and Movement Pattern with 100m Row

LV2: Competition Burpees/Dbl Under Skill 1 on 1  MOD: Progression with Partner and Wall.

LV3: Rx’d

CF MOM: Pushups/Mid Knees Raise. MOD: Seated Pullups and Rope Climbs WOD: 5 RFT: 10 Low Balls (6) 10 Russian Swings (18) 10 Parallette Dips (Full ROM) 250m Row

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