Tuesday Sept 20th, 2011



Today @ 11am will be our first Yoga Class led by Andrea Thompson

Also, today @ 530pm in a Fundamentals Course. Please contact me if you plan to attend.

Cost for both of these classes is $5






Shoulder Mobility/Chest Openers

Using: PVC, LaCrosse/Tennis Balls, Wall/Floor Stretching, Bands

MOD: 1 Min Spent at Each Movement for Max Reps

Strict Overhand Grip Pullup

Strict Underhand Grip Pullup

Chin Ups Overhand Grip

Chin Ups Underhand Grip

Kip/Butterfly Pullup

3 Mins Spent at this Station for Max Weight

Weighted Pullup: Vest/Sandbag/Plates/DB’s


6 Thrusters (95/65)

9 Med Ball C & J (20/16)

12 Dbl Unders

400m Run


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