Tuesday Oct 4th, 2011

Dynamic Warmup and Mobility (6 mins or Less)

Fast 400’s : 4-400m Sprints right to a 100m Row Sprint for Time. No rest between Run or Row Sprints. Faster runners gets rowers first. Others follow in as they come in…dont forget that you are on the clock! Total distance is 1 mile Run, 400m on Rower.

MOD: Muscle Up Progression

Do not attempt to even touch the Muscle Up rings if you can not Rep out 5 consecutive Ring Dips without assistance.





10 Lateral Bar Burpees ***Over and Back is 1 Rep***

5 OH Walking Lunge (95/65) ***Both Legs equal 1 Rep***

10 Turkish Getups (35/20)

5 Eliminators (95/65)  ***SDHP to Deadlift to Clean to Press to Back Squat to Thruster to Ground= 1 Rep***


Kid/Teen WOD:

WARM UP:   400/800m run while partner rows, rotate for 3 rounds

SKILL:  Parallettes
WOD:  3/5 RFT
           12 box jumps
             9 pull ups
             7 OH squats


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