Tuesday May 8th, 2012


500m Row

400m Run

50m Bear Crawl

40 Grasshoppers

30 Candlesticks

20 Hollow Rocks

10 Pullups

1 Muscle Up/Progression


L-Sit/Bridge Ups

3 Rounds/6 – 10 Second Hold on Each/10s Rest between each Set

WOD: Man Maker Meltdown

1 Man Maker (105/75)

1 Abmat Situp

Finish the Reps within 1 Min. Rest remaining of Min.

2 Man Makers (105/75)

2 Abmat Situps

Finish the Reps within 1 Min. Rest whatever time is left within that Min.

Work until you can no longer finish the set number of reps within the 1 min window.

Barbell Man Maker is CTB Push Up, Full Squat Clean, Thruster.



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