Tuesday Classes

Dont forget we have a Gymnastic Class with Sara @ 11am today.

Also we have our Strength & Conditioning Class @ 730pm. Not a good idea to WOD @ 630pm then stay for S & C…just sayin…Here is tomorrow’s programming. Cost is $5 for Gymnastic and S & C Classes.

Review-Snatch (PVC)
          Burgener Warm Up
          Overhead Squat- good receiving position for the snatch
·         Power Snatch+ Snatch  
            40% x 1+3 x 2
                                                45% x 2+2 x 3
                                                50% x 2+1 x 4
   Athlete will execute Power Snatch, reset and then perform Snatch to full depth for the prescribed number of reps at the requisite weight. Percentages are based off Snatch 1RM.  If Snatch 1RM is unknown, use OHS Max and/or scale according to athlete skill level
·         Snatch Pull- 5×3 @ 95%, 100%, 105%, 110%, 115% (of snatch)
·         Pause OHS**-   4 x 3 (If time permits)
  Any squat variation in which the athlete pauses for a set amount of time in the bottom before recovering.  Typical pause time is 3-4 seconds to kill any stored energy.  The attempt should be made to accelerate maximally from the bottom from a dead stop.

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