Tuesday 8.7.12

Dynamic Warmup

MOB: Calve/Ham/Feet

2-400m Sprints-Score Fastest-4m Rest between Sprints


MOD: Muscle Up

Various Progressions

Ring Dip/Low Ring/Assisted/Advanced Assisted/Jumping/LSit

If you currently have your Muscle Up: As Many MU As Possible in 10 Minutes


9 Hang Power Clean (115/85)

6 Clapping Push Ups

3 Ring Dips

LV1: (55/35) Knee Push Ups/Parallette Dips

LV2: (85/55) Regular Push Ups/Assisted Ring Dips

LV3: (95-105/65-75) CTF Pop Up Push Ups/Option of Assisted Ring Dips

LV4: Rx’d- Option to Trade out Ring Dips for Muscle Ups

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