Todays Spiritual WOD

Have you ever felt Invincible??

The defination for Invincible is: Too powerful to be defeated or overcome. Unbeatable. Unconquerable.

This past Thursday I had an accident. I very quickly found myself on the floor…paralyzed and unable to move. I couldnt stand, walk, roll over, sit down, and I was in excruciating pain. As I lay there in a place that I had never been before a million thoughts began to run through my mind. How can this be happening? Why? What does this mean? How is everything going to get done this weekend? I have to work tomorrow…I cant ask anyone to help me…I have already asked so much of everyone. Who will take care of my children? Who will mow my yard because it desperately needs it due to all this rain? I have so much to do…I can’t be hurt…this can’t be happening to me.  In a moment, In the blink of an eye….I was vulnerable, I was delicate,  I was defeated, I was brought to my knees.

You know what happened?? People showed up. In a mighty way people stepped in and filled every role that needed to be filled and completed every task that needed to be completed. Without hesitation they came and they gave of their time. They sacraficed whatever they had planned, whatever they had going on, whatever they had hopes of doing and they gave of their time generously. I saw Him at work in my life.

God’s grace is overwhelming. His love and His power are unbelievable. His people are equiped to do His work in His perfect timing. We are not invincible. There is real evil in this World and terrible things can happen to us. Things that are out of our control. Accidents can happen, disease is real, and it can happen to any of us. We don’t have to have everything in order all the time, we don’t have to hold the reins so tightly, we don’t have to go through this life alone.

Do you know Him?? Life is fragile. Life makes no promises to any of us. Life will beat you down and spit you out. However; God is good. He is all powerful. He gives strength and He makes promises to His children that He never backs down on. He lifts us up and prepares us for everyday battles.

James 4:14 “You do not even know what tomorrow will bring. Your life is a vapor, it appears for awhile and then vanishes.”

Proverbs 27:1 “Do not boast about tomorrow for you do not know what a day will bring.”

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