Todays Spiritual WOD

419082_3920783452418_804022664_nEveryone should have a friend that isnt afraid to be honest with them.

Couple of weeks ago I was feeling sorry for myself. I was laying around boo hooing and totally embracing feelings of doubt, worthlessness, and self pity. These feelings were toxic for me and they were consuming my mind and my life. I allowed those feelings to control me and poison me.  After a few days of this thinking and wallowing I reached out to a friend and asked for prayer and for guidance. She said something to me that pierced my heart. The truth it carried had an impact and it meant something. She simply said, “Get over yourself.”   BAM! Let that sink in… Ouch right?? I mean when you are at rock bottom you just want someone to sympathize with you and tell you that you are awesome and that you are making a difference and that you are just having an off day and tomorrow will be better.

Well…What if tomorrow never comes? What if today is all you have and what good are those feelings anyway? Do you find your own feelings to be fleeting? Like a roller coaster…One moment you are up and the sky is bright and you can almost reach out and touch it but then a couple of moments later you come crashing down full speed and wrecklessly out of control. Am I right? Sometimes we all just need to get over ourselves. The root of unhappiness is often linked to feelings of injustice, unfairness, emptiness, unmet expectations, and self infliction. If we could just get over ourselves maybe we could see our purpose a little more clearly. If we could get over ourselves mabye we could actually meet the needs of others instead of expecting so much from them. If we could just get over ourselves we could serve and we could love and I would argue that we could truly be happy.

Challenge for this Week: Dont get caught up in yourself. When life throws you curve balls … swing back at them! Stand tall and make a choice. Decide to empower those around you. Help those in need and Pray for things that are out of your control. Ask for guidance. Seek truth. And be a friend a friend would want to have.

Proverbs 27:17  “As Iron sharpens Iron, one Friend sharpens Another.”


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