Todays Spiritual WOD

bible-verses-about-strength_largeWhat are you doing today with what God has given you?

Make a list of 3 distinct things in your life that God has blessed you with: (Ex) Education, Salvation, Job Satsifaction, Freedom, Health, Money, Marriage, Children, Lessons Learned, Beauty, Strength, Talents, Leadership Skills, the Ability to work with your hands, a Compassionate Heart, Etc. Dont just list one of these things but give specific examples of why this particular gift is a blessing to you.

Next to each of these 3…write out what you are currently doing with these blessings…and then write out what you plan to do with these blessings over the next week.

Each of us has been uniquely designed for one purpose…to bring Glory to Him. The blessings that you have been given will be different from your spouse, your parents, your best friend… we will all give account for what we did with the blessing we received. Remember that to us that have been given much, much is expected.


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