Thursday July 14th, 2011

Warm up:  Back to Back shuffle, Handwalks with partners
Skill:  Monkey hangs/Nutrition (What’s a carb?)
WOD:  5 min AMRAP  Box jumps x 6, squat on ball x 6, push ups x 6
Game:  Musical Chairs
Warm up:  Back to back shuffle, handwalks shuttle run
Skill:  Monkey hangs/ 360’s/ Nutrition (What is a carb?)
WOD  10 min AMRAP  Box jumpsx 10, squat on ball with db x10, push up x 10
Skill:  Front Squat
WOD: Back Squat
60% BW   3-3-3/100m Row
70% BW   3-3-3/100m Run
80% BW   3-3-3/100m Row
90% BW   3-3-3/100m Run
BW          3-3-3/100m Row
110% BW 2-2-2/100m Run
120% BW 2-2-2/100m Row
130% BW 2-2-2/100m Run
140% BW 1-1-1/100m Row
150% BW 1-1-1/100m Run
1 Rep Back Squat for PR
Finish with 100m Row

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