Thursday 7.12.12

Our goal is not how well you do on the WOD today, but rather we are looking for long term results and success!  We want to increase your work capacity across broad time modal and age domains! If we are headed in this direction then we are doing well, and we believe this new level system will assist us in our goals!

The Level System is below:

Level 1 –  is designed for athletes that have been CrossFiting between 1-3 months consistently.

Level 2 – is designed for athletes that have been CrossFiting for 3+ months and have established a good core base of conditioning, going RX’d can happen once in a while but not on most WOD’s this is a good level for you.

Level 3 – Is RX’d, but may have its exceptions in certain circumstances.

The levels for each WOD will be posted each evening on blog so you will have an opportunity to pick which level you would like to attack when you come into the gym. The coaches in the classes will assist you in your choice as well and as always we will accommodate you if further scaling needs to take place. This is to give you some framework on where to start! (Courtesy CF Reebok ONE)

Mobility Warmup


Tripod to Headstand

Bridge Up to Walkover

Crow/Side Crow/Forearm Balance

Flying Pigeon


400m Run

50 KB Swings (53/35)

40 Dbl Unders

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

20 OHS (95/65)

10 K2E

100m Row

LV1: KB (25/15), Regular Ropes by 4, Box 18″/12″ or Step Ups, OHS 35/15/PVC, Lying K2E

LV2: KB (35/20), Regular Rope Dbl Under Mix, Box 20″/18″ or Step Ups, OHS 55/35, Alt/Astd K2E

LV3: Rx’d

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