269382_10151284766233737_497001805_nJust wanted to clarify a few things.

You do not have to be registered for the CF Open to participate in the Open WOD’s. However all Coaches and Athletes that are registered for the 2013 Open will be the first to participate in the WOD’s. If you are not interested in participating in the Open WOD’s I highly reccomend you utilize your WOD days on days other than Thursday and Saturday for the next 5 Weeks. Also if you are registered for the Open it is a FREE WOD therefore you can come on these two days with NO deduction from your paid membership!

We will be running Open WOD’s at EVERY Class time on Thursday. There will not be any additional WOD’s…the Open is it. We will however still be running CFE WOD’s on Thursday and Saturdays for the next 5 weeks.

On Saturdays Open WOD’s will start at 9 am and will go until every person has completed the WOD…there will not be any additional WOD’s on Saturdays either. Just the Open. If you are unable to get your Open WOD in on either one of these days or would like the opportunity to redo the WOD on Sunday we will be happy to accomodate you. Just let us know via email in advance so we can have a Judge available for you. If you come at 9 you may not actually WOD until 10…so plan accordingly.

You are responsible for entering your own Scores onto the Mainsite for tracking. If you fail to enter the score before time is up there is nothing we can do to fix it. Do NOT miss the deadline!!! Get those scores in quickly. Please be sure to sign off on your Athlete Performance sheet after every Open WOD. This helps to verify that you agree with your score and that the information is indeed correct. Thank you in advance.

Bring water! And plan to have some fun! Lets do this!!!

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