Sunday 7.29.12

Todays Spiritual WOD: Overcoming the Rings

Were you ever not good at something? You tried and tried … but it just didn’t come easy for you. You watched others do it with ease, you took the time to learn the skills neccessary to complete the task…but yet…you still could not master it. The harder we try sometimes the more frustrated we get. It can start to feel as though we are failing…we are failing ourselves and we are failing those around us. No one likes to be a failure.

But the longer we live the more we will have to deal with failure. At work, at the gym, with hobbies, in our relationships, in our spiritual walk…YOU WILL FAIL. When you fail…DONT GIVE UP!! The key to overcoming failure is recognizing that it can be beneficial. You will learn the limits of your abilities only when you push yourself toward failure. Failure can turn into Victory!! Did you know that Thomas Edison tried over five thousand different types of light-bulb filaments before he found one that would work. His willingness to endure many failures gave us the modern electric light.

Learn to overcome the fear of failure. Fear is more damaging than failure. Focus on your goals and move forward with determination.

2 Timothy 1:7  “For God did not give us a Spirit of fear; but of Power, of Love, and of Sound Mind and Self Discipline.”

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