Seasons Beatings starts Tomorrow!!

marathon-stjude-logoSaturday Individuals will Compete in 3 WOD’s and the Top 10 Athletes will move onto WOD #4

WOD #1: 15M CAP

2 RFT:

8 Atlas Stone Cleans (RX: 135/95) (Scaled: 95/65)
50M Sled Drag (RX: 3-45Lb Plates/2-45Lb Plates)(Scaled: 2-45Lb Plates/ 1-45Lb Plates)
20Kettle Bell Swings (RX: 70/53) (Scaled: 53/35)
50M Sled Pull (RX: 145/100) (Scaled: 55/100)

~Stone must fully touch the top of the athletes shoulder, athlete may drop to the back or front. Athlete must have full extension of the body.
~ Sled Drag: Facing away from the sled, sled must cross designated line. Above listed sled weight does not include the weight of the sled itself.
~ Sled Pull: Facing the sled, Athletes feet must be stationary when sled it moving. Athlete may remain standing while pulling or use the “Fall to Butt” method. The athletes feet are the only body part to be touching the ground while pulling the sled.

WOD #2:  Snatches and Pullups
4 Min to find your 2Rep Max Snatch.
~ First rep from the ground (Athlete may: Squat, Split, or Power Snatch)
~ Second Rep from the Hang (Athlete may: Squat, Split or Power)
The barbell may NOT touch the ground between the two reps! Athlete must complete each rep by finishing in the “…power” stance and show CONTROL of the barbell! Once both reps have been completed, the athlete may drop the barbell and increase weight if they wish. The Hang Position is considered anything above the knee.

Max Effort Pull Ups (RX) Once an athlete comes off the bar, they are finished. Max Effort CTF Pushups (Scaled)


7min AMRAP
10 Cleans (145/105)
10 S2O (145/105)
10 Burpee over the box

7min AMRAP…
10 Cleans (115/75)
10 S2O (115/75)
10 Burpee over the box

Cleans must touch the ground after each Rep, but you can Power or Squat Clean.


Seasons Beatings Has Arrived!!!!

Andrea will be offering a Sunrise Yoga and MOB at SECF Sat at 630am for anyone Interested!

Saturday and Sunday ALL Classes and Open Gym Times are Canceled due to the Event. We encourage all of our Athletes to come out and support your fellow Community, The CF Community,  as well as St Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Local Vendors. Spectator fee is FREE! So come on by anytime!!

There will be Paleo Friendly Food and Water available at the event with 100% of Proceeds benefiting St Judes Childrens Hospital

We will have 3 Photographers on site taking pictures both Sat and Sunday. You are welcome to take pictures of your friends, etc just DO NOT be in the way of Athletes, Judges, or our Professional Photographers please

Saturday: Warm Up area for Athletes will be located directly across the street at Screaming Eagle CF …. you can literally walk there

On Saturday doors will be Open @ 7am

Athlete Check in starts @ 7am. ALL Individual Athletes MUST be Checked in Prior to 745am.

Parking will be clearly marked and there will be Volunteers to guide you in

We will start the Event at 8am

8am- Prayer

805- National Anthem

810- Opening Comments

820- Standards for the WODs are Given and Explained to All Athletes and Judges

9am- First WOD Kick Off

Womens RX- 1 Heat

Mens RX- 4 Heats

Mens Scaled- 2 Heats

Womens Scaled – 3 Heats


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