Kids Classes

K-5th Grade Classes

This program is FUN while teaching body awareness, balance, jumping, throwing, catching and the most basic functional movements without weights. It is structured to include a skill, warm up, workout, and a game. The program gives preschoolers the chance to practice social skills associated with working and playing in a group. All classes are quick paced to keep attention and always involve a game.

Want Guidance From A Coach?

If you’re new to CrossFit, or you’re just looking to get some guidance on how to best reach your fitness goals – we’d love to meet you! One of our coaches will sit down with you, discuss your goals, and help you create an action plan on how you can reach those goals.

Schedule Your Free Intro:

Schedule Your Free Intro:

Want to Jump Into Classes?

If you’re an existing crossfitter, this option may be a better fit. Come in for a free class (or two) and see how you like our gym.

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