Clarksville Weightlifting Club

Clarksville Weightlifting Club

Clarksville Weightlifting Club provides customers with specialized training focused on the sport of
weightlifting. We deliver service to our athletes in the form of in-person, coach-led training sessions on a month-to-month membership model. The club serves clients of all ages and ability levels and treats all members equally from the beginner attending their first class to the advanced competitive weightlifter.

Our coaches are certified by United States of America Weightlifting and are U.S. Center for SafeSport trained. Clarksville Weightlifting Club currently conducts five coach led sessions each week with individual programming and personal training sessions available on a case-by-case basis.

Our current class times are listed in the Schedule tab above. For additional information, please utilize the Contact tab above or email the club administrator directly at


  • Increase overall strength and power output
  • Focus specifically on the olympic lifts
  • Improve mobility

Want Guidance From A Coach?

If you’re new to CrossFit, or you’re just looking to get some guidance on how to best reach your fitness goals – we’d love to meet you! One of our coaches will sit down with you, discuss your goals, and help you create an action plan on how you can reach those goals.

Schedule Your Free Intro:

Schedule Your Free Intro:

Want to Jump Into Classes?

If you’re an existing crossfitter, this option may be a better fit. Come in for a free class (or two) and see how you like our gym.

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