Monday Sept 12, 2011

BIG DOGS                                LITTLE DOGS

SKILL:  Pistols
WOD   AMRAP 10                    AMRAP 6
3 pull ups                                1 Pull up    
6 Squats                                  3 squats
9 kbs                                         6 kbs
12 box jumps                        9 box jumps
STRETCH                                GAME
WarmUp: For Time
8 by 400m Run or 500m Row w/ 5 Tire Jumps or 1 – 10Ft Wall Climb
Jerk Skill Transfer: PVC WarmUp
Behind Neck Push Press
Behind Neck Push Jerk
Push Press
Push Jerk
Behind Neck Split Jerk
Split Jerk
Stance: Jump/Land
Grip: 8-12″/Hook
Position: High Hang, Pockets, Mid Thigh, Below Knee, Floor
3-3-3/1-1-1 up to Max Attempt with Perfect Form
Behind Neck Split Jerk

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