Monday Oct 3rd, 2011

Wrist/Shoulder Release.

Dynamic Warmup.

Shoulder Mobility.

MOD: Shoulder Press: No bend anywhere in the body except the elbows. No dip, No bounce, No tip toes.  Complete 10-8-6-4-2 Unbroken for Max Weight. Score is for a Total Weight of all Reps Unbroken.




80% of your 2 Rep Max from MOD

3 Shoulder Press

6 T2B

12 Dbl Unders

Kids/Teen WOD:

WARM UP      1 min DU> 1 min broad jumps>1 min sit ups> 1 min frog
hops> (1 min push ups-teens only)
SKILL:  muscle up progressions
WOD:   100m sprint> hurdles> 10 dumbell pp> 10 squats>50m plate
toss (repeat)

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