Friday Jan 13th, 2012

THE 530AM CLASS TODAY IS CANCELLED!!!! We have no way of knowing weather or not school will out or how rough the roads will be at 5 am. Therefore; we have decided to cancel the 530am Class and replace it with an 8am Class. Tomorrow’s schedule will look like this:

8am CoEd, 9am CoEd, 10am CoEd, 11am CoEd

6pm Yoga CoEd and Open to Non Members


Quick Dynamic Mix

3 Min Plank Hold

3 Min Wall Squat Hold

If you fall out of the 3 min Holds you have an immediate 10 Burpees then you get right back in Hold position.

MOD: Dabble at Each of these for 5 Mins Each

Rope Climb

Butterfly Pullup

Handstand Walk

WOD: Tabatas: Lowest Rep from Each Movement Count: 8 Rounds, 20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF, 2 Mins to Rest between Each Movement

Good Mornings (95/65)

Goblet Squat (50/35)


Behind the Neck Thruster (95/65)

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