February Athlete of the Month

I’m Desiree Lucero-Walker (most of you know me as that child care lady) and I am thrilled and still in shock that I was chosen to be Athlete of the Month. My response was, “Huh?”  I honestly don’t think I have ever been publicly recognized for ANYTHING.  I’m just going to be real and honest. I’m just going to be me. Exactly the way we WOD…Crazy face and all.
My journey with physical fitness and clean eating started with a pageant.   Ah, the pageant life. I wanted to get over my insecurities and self-worth issues and also face public speaking. I wanted to learn to love me and make some friends in the process. But the truth is that during pageant prep what you are striving for is to be is “better” than the next girl. NO BUENO.  
Fast forward to Marriage, 2 babies, and a PCS move. I guess I figured, new city, new people eh, no one to impress.  Nobody knows me and I felt guilty working out and being away from the babies.  At 5’3” and 190 lbs. my health and body was taking a toll.  I was always tired.  I lacked energy. I was over eating. I remember having trouble tying my shoes.  I remember thinking what in the world is this on the back of my arms and legs? I remember  breathing heavily walking to my car in the parking lot. Truth is, I had given up.  On me.    Then I saw a picture.  A picture of my sweet 9 month old baby boy covered in food with me in the background washing dishes.  “Who was that woman washing dishes yesterday?” I asked my husband. That day I decided to find another personal trainer.
I’ll never forget the day I went to meet my new trainer. To be quite honest, I asked about child care and that is what sold me.  I had no idea he was a Crossfit coach.  I entered the address on the GPS and when I arrived I thought, um, I think I’m lost.  It was an old warehouse in the back of the historic city of Lawton, Oklahoma.   I took a deep breath and thought, I guess this is it. I walked inside, both kids in tow.  No machines. Just weights and contraptions hanging from ceiling rafters.  Ropes, tires, white powdery substance sprinkled across the floor and a huge open “childroom” amidst it all.  I thought, for sure I’m gonna die.  They are gonna kill me and keep the kids……But I survived. 
I joined Solafide in March 2013. Ever since I have forgotten about the scale.  I’ve cried throughout a WOD, the tears just blend with all the sweat dripping down my crazy face.  Ugly face, no. CF scary face.  That face you get when you are trying to kill that inner voice that says you can’t.  I’ve been extremely depressed throughout a WOD, hot mad throughout a WOD, extremely happy throughout a WOD, felt like I wanted to die throughout a WOD and wondered what tomorrows WOD will be throughout a WOD. And after it all, I walk out of that box feeling great. People have said to me Crossfit is so Dangerous.  If you don’t CrossFit … you just don’t get it. You cannot live in Fear but rather by Faith. Faith in yourself, knowing  that you are making the right decisions. Only you know how far you can push your body, when to rest and when to stop.  Back in Lawton, I was too shy to join the classes. I only worked one on one with a coach.  Boy was I missing out.   
Crossfit Solafide is amazing and I am proud to be on that white board. I started with the Endurance classes everyday and went to every single Free Community WOD they offered until an OnRamp became available. After On Ramp I joined the All Women’s Classes. Although I had experienced Crossfit before, this place was different.  I saw a community of female athletes, most with kids in tow, that showed up bare faced in anything stretchy ready to work and work hard. Raw, Real women.  No fancy clothes or makeup to hide behind… just a woman.  A woman like me! A mom like me!!
Before joining CrossFit I didn’t have a lot of confidence. I have always been socially awkward. I hated working out. I was always too intimidated to go to the gyms. The people and all those machines were confusing unless my trainer was present. I would go and end up on the treadmill for 2 hours.  I thought anything over 107 on the scale was a tragedy. I felt my worth was in my previous size 0 jeans and I was depressed over not being able to squeeze into them anymore.  

I love Crossfit because although you still belong to a group of people whom share common attitudes, interests and goals, you are striving to be better than YOURSELF. Better than YOU were yesterday.  I love the Fellowship.  I love the Crossfit community.  No matter where in the world you may be, any Crossfit athlete will encourage you and uplift you 200 percent.  During a WOD everyone is working toward the same goal.  Finishing the WOD.


I do Crossfit because it takes me out of my comfort zone.  I can honestly say that every single woman that I have WODed with keeps me motivated. Motivated to make healthy choices and try my best at life.   I know that without these ladies I could not have come this far in actually sticking to this crazy workout routine.  I can now say I’m a stay at home mother proudly without feeling ashamed about not holding a “Real” career.   Thank you Ladies!!!  I actually WANT to go to the box 5 days a week.  As I grow into adulthood I’ve come to realize that goals change.  Life changes.  Kids happen.   With hubby serving the country, I’m often alone.  I can’t wait on him to help me get things done. I can’t always call on someone to help me so I needed to up the ante for me. For my kids. For my husband. I need to be able to hold down the fort.  I may not be a size zero anymore but I can Snatch a chest of drawers, Walk it to my truck, Load it and Unload it …All by Myself. 
They say in your 30s you learn all about life’s lessons.  One of the richest lessons that I will always hold dear to my heart is get the “I CAN’T” out of your vocabulary. Crossfit taught me that lesson.   All those movements I watched in awe when I first walked into Solafide I said I can’t do…. Yeah. I may not have sixpack abs but you better believe that I can knock out those GHD and Ab Mat WODs quickly and correctly. I can snatch 80 lbs. I can Run a 5k. I can deadlift 210lbs. I can Squat for days. I can Clean 120lbs, I can Flip Tires, I can do Pushups, I can Climb a Rope,  I can pick up a 95# Atlas Stone, I can Fireman carry my husband out of a burning building. Okay maybe that’s a little dramatic but I know I can carry him if I ever needed to.  I can play with my kids and not get winded. I can now be a role model for my kids.  I can love myself for who I am and what I look like.  I do love myself.  Thanks to my Coaches and thanks to my SolaFide Sisters!!



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