In honor of the Legion with a special WOD 

November 18th, 2017 from 8:00am- 12:00pm

The Steel Mags sorority is a national group established as a program by the Green Beret Foundation “GBF” with the goal of addressing the unique and critical needs of qualifying female family members of United States Army Special Forces soldiers. 

As Members of the Legion Ladies, the 5th Group Chapter of the Steel Mags, we wish to express our gratitude and support of the Legion by holding

 “In Honor of the Legion, and Those Who Have Been Lost” Fundraising Event.

This community workout event is being held to recognize and bring honor to those who serve and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

May we never take our freedom for granted. 

This is a public event open to all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities. The workout is scalable to everyone and everyone is invited to join us in honoring the members of 5th Group. 

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the Green Beret Foundation.

Ticket price for this event is $40.00 (Includes t-shirt and refreshments)

Click HERE to purchase tickets or make a donation

Registration will be up until the event start time.

*Deadline to sign up: If you wish to receive a t-shirt is November 4th, 2017

Non-Ticket holders are invited to engage in meet and greets with Green Berets and the Legion Ladies. We will have snacks and Green Beret Foundation merchandise for sale.

For questions about this event,  please contact:

Legion Ladies Fort Campbell 5th Group Steel Mags

Beth Nytko : 1(910)987-3896

Anna Richardson: 1(330)631-7354

Click HERE to purchase tickets or make a donation

Fallen of the Legion WOD

25min partner WOD with vests
10 kb Swings (73/53)
10 Goblet squats (73/53)
10 Burpees
10 Box jumps
400m Partner plate carry (45/25)

If personally available, all athletes should wear their body armor or a weighted vest for the entirety of the workout. While one partner performs movement the other partner holds a 45lb plate (men) 25lb plate (women) locked up above their head. Partners can distribute movements however they  please, but the run has to be done together and plate can switched off between partners on the run however they please. This WOD is scalable to all participants- New to crossfit or been doing crossfit for a long time.

*** a 5 Hand Release push up penalty will occur if the partner with the plate above the head puts the plate down at any point ***

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