CrossFit Open

Last couple of days to get registered for the CrossFit Open!!!

All CrossFitters are welcome and encouraged to participate! We will also be allowing drop in’s for those CF’ers that are not members…there is no fee…just show up early and sign a waiver.

We will be holding all CF Open WOD’s for the Next 6 weeks on the following days/times. There will be NO OTHER WOD’s on these days. Every Wednesday @ 530am, 730am and 9am, 630pm and Saturday @ 9am. Therefore…the box will only be only on Wed @ 530am, 730am and 9am, 630pm and Sat @ 9am for Open WOD’s only….there will be no other class times during the next 6 weeks and there will be no other opportunities to complete the Open WOD’s. Just so we are clear…on Wednesday’s for the next 6 weeks there will be NO 10, 11 am…and the Sat WOD starts @ 9am instead of 930am to allot enough time before our Kids program starts.

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