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Hello we are Don and Lisa White. We met in high school and have been together 17 years now married for 12. Don is in the army and I am a school nurse at Moore Magnet. We have 3 boys Anthony 15, Kameron 12 and Andrew 8. Don and I have been doing CrossFit for a little over a year now. During Don’s last deployment I had started getting into running. I lost 30 pounds during the first 9 months of his deployment. When he came home for R&R he was totally amazed at my progress. When he went back to Afghanistan he decided he was going to get in shape too. He started doing CrossFit over there with a buddy of his and in the last 3 months of his deployment lost 45 pounds. After his deployment we relocated to Clarksville TN and shortly after we did our on ramp at CrossFit Solafide. Don was already familiar with the movements but went through On Ramp with me for support. I went into On Ramp thinking I was in pretty good shape and that I would be able to make it through easy…but I walked out feeling surprised and humbled.

lisa2We joined CrossFit to just get healthy. The first few months we listened to everyone talk about eating Clean and eating Paleo and we didn’t want any part of that. We ate healthy enough and we didn’t need to be “extreme”… or so we thought. After about 6 months of Crossfit we both realized we were not getting the results we wanted and decided to do one of the Nutrition Challenges. We lasted the 30 days but then went right back to our old eating habits. Another Nutrition Challenge came up in February and we decided to try it out again. I am happy to say that since that Challenge we have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stayed clean eating! We realized it really is a lifestyle change.  We have literally watched as month after month our bodies have transformed. Don and I have become a great team through it all; constantly encouraging one another to push more and reach outside our comfort zones to achieve our goals.

All three of our boys started doing CrossFit a couple months ago. Anthony and Kameron are in the CrossFit Teens and Andrew is in the CrossFit Kids. They all love it! Anthony has always been shy and CrossFit is helping him to build confidence in who he is as an individual; Kameron is very active and in the past has not paid attention to things well but CrossFit has given him the discipline to focus and follow through. CrossFit has been an excellent supplementation to their Team Sport conditioning as well. They love going to the Saturday Teen Class that is offered each month. Andrew is doing amazing with CrossFit Kids and even has his kipping pull-up down and cannot wait to see what challenges Coach Shawna has for him each week. They love being able to go to the box and be a part of all of it with us. It is such a great way to spend time together as a family! Their eating habits have also improved not because we are forcing them to make better choices…but because of the example we are leading them with.   Don and I hope that CrossFit will keep us in shape and healthy and able to always keep up with them!


Don and I are not the strongest or the fastest in the box but we love motivating and inspiring others. There is still so much we are learning and skills that challenge us to want more for ourselves. The constant growth is one thing that we love so much about Crossfit. Every time you think you have a lot of it mastered you realize there is so much more to learn and so many more ways to push yourself. I walked into the box my first day completely intimidated and unable to do 90% of the movements…but over the last year I have completely amazed myself with what I am capable of and what I can accomplish. We both love the energy at the box and we love encouraging others to amaze themselves as well.







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