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1Athlete of the Month: Lee and Jane Loggins

Lee and I are very surprised and proud to have been chosen athletes of the month at CrossFit Solafide. It really is a wonderful honor!

Lee and I met in high school. We were both athletes. Lee played football and I was a gymnast, we both competed at state championship levels. We were always active in athletics and married soon after high school. However, that was very long ago! Thirty-five wonderful years ago to be exact!

Today we make our home in Clarksville. Lee and I raised three wonderful children, who are now successful adults. We both have had successful careers, Lee’s in the Army and mine with the Department of Defense Schools as an educator. While raising our family we always tried to keep our family fit. We worked out together for years, either in team sports or doing some type of group fitness classes either weights, aerobics or dance.

Eventually the somewhat boring routine of fitness classes left Lee and I looking for another challenge to keep ourselves healthy, fit, flexible and strong. Our regular classes at our old gym were no longer motivating and not as challenging as they once seemed. We stopped working out, tried running, lifting on our own but soon found we were quickly getting out of shape.

Luckily we ran into a friend from our old gym while shopping at the commissary. She looked great and we asked her what kind of training she had been doing. She said she also had left the routine of our former gym and was now a member of CrossFit Solafide.  She started talking about how great the WOD’s were and how we could scale??? Both Lee and I didn’t quite understand what she was talking about but Lee decided to check out the Box at CrossFit Solafide.

2In May 2013 Lee signed us up for the Free Community WOD at CrossFit Solafide. We both went to the Box, not really sure of what to expect. We were told to write down the WOD on white boards, we didn’t have any idea what the acronyms meant, we wrote them down and waited wondering if we could actually do this thing called a WOD. Soon a very fit coach came and took time explaining the WOD in great detail. She spent time demonstrating moves and explaining that CrossFit was about functional movement and fitness for life. We then moved on to the warm up and WOD. We ran fifty meters as part of the warm up. I was totally winded after just a fifty meter run, however Lee still looked strong. I knew at that moment I was totally out of shape and worried if I could complete the rest of the WOD. That first WOD lasted only ten incredible minutes! Lee and I were sore for a week. Both of us knew CrossFit Solafide was the fitness challenge we had been looking for.

In June 2013 Lee and I completed On Ramp and then quickly moved into Progressions classes. Thank goodness for Progressions and our wonderful coaches who taught us about mobility, dynamic warm-ups, all of those WOD acronyms, safe movements and safe techniques while lifting. They also taught us how to scale the WOD! We timidly moved out of Progressions and into regular classes in August, making sure to tell each coach in charge of the WOD we were new and had just left the safety of Progressions.

Since beginning classes in August Lee and I have learned so much from our coaches and fellow athletes in the Box at CrossFit Solafide.  Lee has developed strength and flexibility and is happy to be a member of the Masters Men’s 55+ category. He runs faster, can do pull-ups and now climbs the rope with ease! He is motivated to complete in the Open WOD’s next year and compete in his Masters 55+ age group.

I have gained flexibility and strength while working out in the Box. My body feels at ease doing some of the gymnastics moves I did over thirty years ago. I can hold a handstand and have a pretty good bridge hold for a 52-year-old woman.  I still have not made it to the top of the rope but I will get there. It is one of my fitness goals.

CrossFit Endurance classes have helped both of us develop the stamina to actually go out on long runs, sprint and push ourselves farther than we ever would have in the past. We are not the fastest athletes and can’t run the farthest but we are persistent. We enjoy the time together running the roads near the Box under a full moon on cold dark winter nights. Endurance classes also are a wonderful way to relieve workplace stress!!

3Lee and I always felt we were health conscious in our eating and nutrition until we completed a 21 day Nutrition Challenge in November 2013. During this challenge we learned to eat cleanly, control portions and eat food to fuel our bodies for fitness. We now feel better physically and mentally, have lost weight and cook many more of our meals at home together. We recommend the Nutrition Challenge to everyone.

After being an athlete in the CrossFit Solafide family for ten months Lee and I now understand the real meaning and benefits of functional fitness. What we do in the box is applicable to life: lifting, carrying, climbing, running, staying flexible, staying strong, what we do in the box keeps us prepared to live as active healthy adults. For Lee and I, active and healthy “middle aged” adults!

We are thankful to be part of the CrossFit Solafide family. We appreciate our coaches who guide us through the WOD’s, offering advice, motivation and scaling movements. We are also grateful to the other athletes in our WOD’s that motivate and challenge us to keep on working. Lee and I are proud to say we are part of the CrossFit Solafide family of athletes. 


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