Alex Burlee- Athlete of the Month

IMG_3183My name is Alex Burlee, I’m 19 years old and CrossFit SolaFide helped me to turn my life around. I’m from a small town in upstate New York, and I came to Tennessee a few months back to get in shape and lose weight in hopes to join the military. When I first got to Tennessee I was pushing almost 300lbs. and I was almost entirely inactive. I was smoking a carton of cigarettes a week, and was basically stuck in a rut. My decision to come to Tennessee was to reconnect with my dad, and not long debated, it was quite literally an overnight affair. I left most of my family and friends to go and get my priorities in order, and turn things around for myself. I moved in with my dad, step mom and two sisters, who were quite excited to have their big brother around.

I graduated high school in 2014 after having been through my fair share of schools. I tried several different sports in school from XC, to football and basketball, even golf but I never really found my niche till the spring season of senior year where I did track. I was a shot putter, and a darn good one, my only season and I managed to make sectionals and break into the top 10 of the school record throws in the past 15 years with a 37′ 10 3/4″ throw. I can only compare the feeling of joy I felt during that season to how I felt when being nominated for Athlete of the Month at SolaFide.

IMG_3179I got started with CrossFit thanks to my dad. He has been doing CrossFit for almost a year, and he believed I would have a easier time reaching my goals rather than continuing my normal gym routine. After just my first workout I was hooked! I have always enjoyed competitive sports and CrossFit allowed me to not only challenge myself, but others as well. After my first 2 weeks at CrossFit SolaFide, I started doing double WODs. Monday through Friday I would come WOD in the morning and get a second WOD in at night. I also began biking to and from the box almost every workout for a total of about 30 miles a day. I just couldn’t get enough, no matter how sore I got, I always came back for more. I started with the CF WOD, and dabbled in the Endurance WOD’s and even tried a few Olympic Lifting classes.

There’s just an energy in the air at CrossFit SolaFide! No matter who you are, you can just feel it from the first time you walk through the door. The bond that the Athletes share, is not just mental, it’s the physical sweat, blood, tears, and pain to push you through to never want to let one another down. During my time at SolaFide, I found a lot of support both from the Coaches pushing me to test my boundaries, and my fellow Athletes. Everyone I met during my time at Solafide had a great energy about what we were doing that I never left without a smile on my face, no matter how tough the workout. I want to give a special thanks to Alex and Dakota for always pushing me, and making me laugh till my sides hurt. Coach Russ and Coach Heather thank you for always believing in me and never letting me give up. Not to mention all of the other coaches that would always say hi and ask how I was with a smile and a good attitude.
10600669_466995846773920_4958131557496388092_n12118746_600931843380319_7767934248967015177_nEven though I have recently returned to New York, I have continued to use the motivation that SolaFide provided me to better myself. I can only make it to the local box 2x a week here but mentally I am in a much better place. By the time I left Solafide, I had lost 45lbs, 8′ off my waist, and quit smoking entirely. I encourage anyone who hasn’t tried CrossFit or is debating on it, to do it, only good things can happen and with the support of CrossFit SolaFide, anything is possible.

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