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    The military moved my husband, two children, and I to Clarksville 12 years ago and like many, we have made it our home. I am blessed to live out in the beautiful Tennessee countryside where I can enjoy riding horses, running/hiking trails, and just being in open, free, beautiful space!

    I discovered “running” as a freshman in high school and competed in cross country and track all four years. It turned out to be something I could do pretty well and it became therapy for me as we moved around the world. In college, I started weight training and soon after, began coaching fitness classes.

    As the years passed, I began to notice some physical weaknesses and deficiencies, especially with my range of motion. I knew my program was lacking and I was bored with the gym routine. A friend introduced me to CrossFit. It was the most comprehensive, intense, positive fitness experience I had ever had! Over the past two years, I have found that CrossFit develops individual power, strength, and confidence-not just physically, but mentally, and in the case of CrossFit Solafide…spiritually. As a coach, my hope is to encourage and guide each individual along the path they have had the courage and inspiration to begin on their own and help them reach goals they never imagined achievable.

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