engCFE will be meeting OFF SITE today at Rotary Park at 8am!!

Please just meet us over there and don’t be late as we will start running at 8am.



CONGRATS to Athletes Jason and Christine “Soon to be Walker” on their Engagement and upcoming Wedding!! I understand there will be some Bachelor Shenanigan’s in Order for this Wknd and the first stop is CFSF for a Morning of  Sweat and Work!! This one is for you!!!


“Strong Man Saturday”

Teams of 4. Divide Workload between your Team. You may do Movement in any Order you Wish.

60 Log Squats. All Athletes on Log at the Same Time. If one Athlete needs a Rest all Athletes Rest.

40 Strongman Log Clean and Jerk (45 on Each Side/25 on Each Side) Each Team Member Completes 10 Reps.

200M Yoke Carry (35 on Each Spindle/ 25 on 2 Spindles)  Alternate through Athletes every 50M.

200M Barbell Farmers Carry (135/95 in Each Hand). All Athletes on BBs at all Times.

40 Tire Flips (Heavy as Possible) All Athletes on Same Tire at Same Time

200M Sled Drag (135/90) Athletes Alternate Dragging 50M Each.

40 Atlas Stone Cleans (135/95) Each Athlete is Responsible for 10 AS Cleans/ 5 On Each Shoulder. You may drop stone on Black Mats or in Grass from the Front or the Back Side. DO NOT DROP the Stones on Concrete or Road!!

40 DB Snatch (70/50) Each Athlete is Responsible to 10 DB Snatch, 5 on Each Arm. DO NOT DROP DB or KB from the Top Position.


CFC- CrossFit Core Class with Coach April is at 1030am

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