Partner WOD: 20M AMRAP

200m Run

KB Swings (2/1.5P)

* Score KB Swings. One Partner Runs 200m while the other Partner does KB Swings. The goal is to get as many KB Swings as you can in 20M. Grab a white board to track reps by each athlete.

As soon as the AMRAP is over you and your Partner will take off for an 800m Farmers Carry. Have your barbells set up in advance!!! This portion of the WOD will be for Time. You will have a Barbell in each hand. Partners may work togther to carry this load or one can carry while the other rests and jogs alongside. Every time you set the BB’s down each Partner has to do 5 Burpees wherever you are. Then pick up BB and continue the 800m.

For Time: 800m Farmers Carry (95/65)

LV1: Row 800M

LV2: Run 800M each Person carries a Med Ball

LV3: Run 800M each Person carries a KB or DB in each Hand

LV4: Rx’d

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