5 by 800m

90s Rest




MOD: Muscle Up Skill/Progression Work: (20-30M)

Russian Dip/Korean Dips/Ring Dips (Using Band if Needed to get Nipple to Ring. Also Elevate Legs to Box in Lsit for Russian if Needed)

No Kip Strict Pullups/CTB Strict Pullups (Using Band if Needed to get Nipple to Bar)

Bar Muscle Up (Use Band if Needed)

WOD: “The Cinco 2”

3 Rounds:

5 Muscle Ups

5 Deficit HSPU

Then 90′ Overhead Walking Lunge (160/100)

LV1: Thick Banded Pullups/Regular Pushup/PVC Walking Lunge

LV2: Thick Banded CTB Pullups/Ring Pushups/Back Rack Walking Lunge (65/35)

LV3: Thin Banded CTB Pullups/Banded HSPU/Front Rack Walking Lunge (95/65)

LV4: Thin Band or Bar Mup/Standard Abmat HSPU/OH Walking Lunge (135/85)

LV5: RX Mup/No Abmat RX HSPU/RX Wgt


$$ Optional Cash Out $$

1 Mile Run or Row Followed by 50 Abmat Situps


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